Horse Riding
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Cambria County, PA

Horseback Riding with an Experienced & Dedicated Instructor

Whether you have never seen a horse in person, or have been riding horses your entire life, Seven Charms Equestrian Facility in Cambria County, PA, can offer you horse riding lesson packages that fit your specific needs. An experienced and dedicated instructor will be your guide while you learn to effectively communicate and become more and more comfortable taking the reins. We offer riding lesson packages for all ages, as well as a large, safe environment in which to care and ride your horse.

In fact, we also offer horse boarding and leasing services to horse enthusiasts throughout central Pennsylvania, so call today at (814) 247-8913 to find out more!

Benefits of Learning How to Ride a Horse

Horseback riding can be one of the most invigorating and wholesome experiences of your life. There are many benefits to learning how to ride a horse, such as:

  • Coordination and stabilization of your own body: your body learns to move with the horse!
  • Therapeutic benefits: riding horses with impaired sight and other issues can help develop coordination.
  • Core strength and muscle tone: you get a good workout, which can greatly improve your overall health!
  • Flexibility: learning how to properly ride a horse can improve dexterity.
  • Mental exercise: the connection you have with the horse you ride and the meditative effect it can have can greatly enhance your mental health and reduce stress.

There are many more great benefits to learning how to ride a horse, but before you can reap those benefits, finding the right horse and instructor for you is key. At Seven Charms Equestrian Facility, you will be trained by an experienced instructor, who will also help you choose a horse that will suit your needs. If you would like to find out more about our riding school and affordable horseback riding lesson packages, or any other equestrian service, contact us today!

Call us today at (814) 247-8913 for more information!