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Cambria County, PA

Safe, Clean, & Well-Maintained Boarding Facilities in Hastings, PA

When it comes to horse boarding, it is important that you are able to trust the facility where you plan to keep your horse. Seven Charms Equestrian Facility in Cambria County, PA, is locally owned and operated, and kept in clean, working order 365 days a year. We provide safe, clean stables, pastures, arenas, and more for each and every horse in our care.

Ensuring that our property is well-maintained is important to us, so we pull out all the stops when it comes to quality facilities. In fact, we are always looking for more help, so call us today at (814) 247-8913 if you are interested in caring for horses and their environment in Hastings, PA!

Why Should I Board My Horse at Seven Charms?

There are many advantages to boarding your horse at Seven Charms Equestrian Facility. For one, you can rest assured that your beloved horse is safe and well taken care of day in and day out. You will never need to worry about your horse’s health or safety because we keep our stalls clean and we turn out every horse daily. They are also hay or grass fed three times a day, and will have access to large pastures and paddocks.

Horse boarding can also be very cost-effective, as you do not have to purchase land, stables, enclosures, and other expensive structures that you need to keep your horse happy and healthy. There are many other benefits to boarding your horse, but if you are still unsure, contact us to find out more about our facilities and services!

Happy & Healthy Horses are Our Priority!

When you board your horse with us at Seven Charms Equestrian Facility, you can expect total satisfaction. With well-maintained stalls, pastures, paddocks, and plenty of grass and hay to eat, boarded horses – and their owners – are always happy with us! In fact, we also offer many other types of services for horses and their riders, including horse riding lessons, horse leasing, and more.

86 x 200 Indoor Arena   ♦   Paddocks and Pastures   ♦   Professional Sand Footing
Affordable Rates   ♦   Observation Lounge   ♦   Grass/hay-fed Three Times a Day
Two Outdoor Dressage Arenas   ♦   Daily Turnouts for All Stalled Horses

86 x 200 Indoor Arena

Paddocks and Pastures

Professional Sand Footing

Affordable Rates

Observation Lounge

Grass/hay-fed Three Times a Day

Two Outdoor Dressage Arenas

Daily Turnouts for All Stalled Horses

Call us today at (814) 247-8913 for more information!